Monday, May 31, 2010

all this Northwest rain and what to do

Time for some reminders of what happens when we get so much Northwest rain.

1) Slugs. I don't care how hard it is raining they come out in droves and a night walk is very important. I am collecting tons of tiny little pin head size slugs who are taking my beans down to the ground. Last year it was very dry when the beans etc were getting started and the slugs stayed clear.

2) If you missed our last meeting we covered how to feed the plants. I know with Mel's mix you think you are covered. I was just listening to the STEADY beat of rain on my roof for the last three days. So much washing of any soil will remove many of the things my plants will need. Keep this in mind and look over the handouts I gave you. You may need to feed the plants once the rain is gone and they are not growing as you expected.

It helps when a plant isn't preforming to consider the following:
Has it been colder or hotter?
Was there wind that may have dried the plant?
Has there been a bug attack that set it back?
Did I transplant it and it is stalled, this can be 2 week's to a month.
Is it one of the plants that doesn't transplant well?
Has it rained a lot and leached out the N-P-K and other needful minerals from my soil?

If you answered yes on the weather, bugs, or transplanting then it's best to wait for a change, do get rid of the bugs! If you are lacking plant food you must act. If you didn't get your handouts from the last meeting please call me to connect. You will find the garden teas etc very helpful.

When in doubt do as I did today. After a thrip attack on the peas and a tiny little missed slug ate all the leaves I decided to plant fresh pea seeds today. Sometimes that's all you can do. Start over as fast as possible.

Good luck with the green and growing. I hope some of you are collecting the outside lettuce leafs and eating them with pleasure. Many of us are about to harvest broccoli. If you are waiting to plant.....wait no more! The overcast and rain is always with us here but the season is warmer and it's time to grow food!

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