Saturday, May 8, 2010


Nature gives us clues that lead us to what to do next in our garden. Sometimes it is a trick no doubt a ruse but I think we have an open door this next week to planting BEANS. Yes by Tues we will have a 4 to 5 day stretch of warm weather. Nice warm weather. Let me explain.

Beans like to be planted and not moved so I don't do indoor starts with them. A bean seed will sit in cold soil and not sprout. After it is wet and cold, poor baby, for so long it is weak to all kinds of nasty things. It goes something like this:

Germination of Beans at these temperatures:

41 degrees F 0
50 degrees F 0
59 degrees F 16 days
68 degrees F 11 days
77 degrees F 8 days
86 degrees F 6 days
95 degrees F 6 days

This is an amazing difference a little warmth makes. So with a week of 60 plus weather next week in the Seattle area if you plant today your bean just might be up in 14 days or so, perfect for the warmer weather we hope for at the end of May. Not necessarily sunny weather but it will be warmer temperature wise the closer we get to June.

Remember it's not direct sun that makes your plants grow it's Heat Units. You can read my posting on that at:

Remember to wet your seed, dip it in the inocculate. If you need some both Shawn and I are willing to share. Read your handout on Beans, hopefully you have it in a notebook and you can just sit and read all about the veggies you are growing.

Things are starting to happen and before you know it our gardens will be full of growing things!


I love how much product I get off of pole beans but you can have some early beans by starting a bush bean also. If you don't have a square for both do your bush bean in a pot!

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