Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is this your first real garden?

The reason I like to help people get started in gardening veggies
is that they are so excited.

When those first plants come up it's hopeful, but when you see a broccoli crown forming, or tiny tomatoes well then it is just MAGIC! I like to be around people who have their first gardens, can you see why?

As hopeful as a tiny plant can seem it is common for new gardeners to over plant their squares. Let's face it, it is just as easy for the experienced gardener to over plant after a long wet winter. We all do it, the difference is the experienced garden knows they will be in space trouble at some point and a beginner doesn't. Bliss is wonderful so don't worry ok? Enjoy that first garden, be amazed that nature can do so much. Go on those nightly slug walks, don't miss a night cuz they have big parties and eat tons when you don't go out. Enjoy that beautiful growing space you worked so hard to have.


When you get into trouble space wise, get a hold of me. Don't panic, don't rip out any of those me, e-mail me, leave me a comment and I'll tell you what to do next. Remember when the garden runs out of space but the plants haven't run out of grow......Call me.

So until then enjoy this blissful summer day....I see we are nearly at 70 degrees F. and my plants are loving it and so am I.

Happy Gardening!


Rebecca said...

Help!! Squirls are digging in my there anything I can do to make them stop?? I continue to rebury my little seedlings but one of these days I won't have plants to re bury.
Also if you still have your rubarb plant I would love to plant it. Thanks!

jamie said...

it's SO nice to know i have someone to turn to when i have questions--thanks so much for being available!

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

Yikes Squirrels! What would Beatrice Potter say? To surprise my daughter when she was away my grandchild and I got her square foot garden, which is on legs, all ready to be planted and we added some broccoli and onions. I thought it would be a big surprise, and it was. The squirrels have dug it all up and it look in ruins. So I know what you must be feeling.

One thing is to plant potted size plants that slows them down. Another is a cat. They don't come near my gardens because of the cat. I noticed in Mel's book some cages to put over your garden while they are getting started to keep rabbits etc out.

I'm sure this is not a happy thing but I hope you will be able to solve it. Maybe a fake snake in the garden. I've heard that works but who knows. I'd put several. I've also heard man pee will keep them out but one never knows how these ideas work.