Saturday, June 16, 2012

How to grow and harvest lettuce in the PNW

Another post on eating what you grow at it's very best


It is really wonderful here in the Pacific Northwest
The damp weather keeps the lettuce from getting bitter.
The long cool late Springs and summers keeps our lettuce 
from bolting to seed.  We really do get a long season 
for growing lettuce.  Yum Yum

You may do your lettuce differently here.

I plant them closely
I collect leaves from the bottom of all the plants
that usually makes one salad bowl in our house. 

Lettuce will keep growing and making more leaves. 

I don't replant lettuce until my fall/winter lettuce types go in the ground. 
I just keep harvesting off the plants I have. 

I stepped out between rain showers 
to collect the photos in this posting. 

Rain as hard as we have been getting beats
lettuce down.  I have my salad box covered for now.

You can see the spaces where I have harvested leaves off the
plants.  You couldn't see the dirt anywhere in the
box a couple of days ago.

Be sure and clean off any leaves that go yellow, limp or have too many bug nibbles.
Keeping the plants looking healthy makes me want to collect and enjoy of greens.

Lettuce is wonderful for taco/s, burritos, salads of course and sandwiches. 
I plant chives and beets and parsley in my salad box also. 

HINT:  regular watering will keep the lettuce from being bitter.
If it warms up you'll need to move your salad table into the shade
and keep it moist.

Enjoy!  I do

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