Thursday, February 16, 2012

What to do now Feb 2012

I hope you are still checking our blog and keeping your thoughts on growing
your own food.

Today the seasonal reminders:
Order your potato and onion starts.  Don't leave it to chance that you will get
the kinds you want at the local stores.

There are lots of things you can start indoors if you have the space, but by the end of the month you can put your peas in the ground.  If it is really cold just put them a tiny bit deeper.  We did not have a long cold winter and our ground is warmer than you think.

Get out that paper and pencil and start drawing up a garden plan, note where you have things already growing, as your garlic should be. Thinking about what grows each season and having a plan for it's location can save you lots of time and give you far more things to eat. 

Any questions?

Don't forget to use that legal size chart I gave everyone.  It has the northwest growing season by month and you will love how the chart is set up!  If you lost yours I can e-mail you one.

Happy February!