Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Missed ya at our last meeting!

It was a great meeting last Friday, thanks to all that attended. If you paid for handouts you missed some. Do stop by or call to make arrangements to get yours.

We covered how to figure out if your garden soil, Mel's or just mother natures has all that your veggies need. There was a great handout for helping you figure it out. If you don't know what a plant does when it's needing something we covered that and there was a handout for how to rotate with the food demands of the plant groups and some little ideas on each plants special needs.

Everyone always is curious about saving seeds so we had a mini course. The handout is very complex but there is a column that simply tells you the expected time each type of seed will last. This only applies if the seeds are kept at an even, cool, dry temperature. I suggest a mason jar well sealed with silica packets inside, then put in the back of the fridge. Don't warm your seeds up when you use them, just take out what you need and return the jar to the fridge before it warms. We covered how to test your seeds. Don't forget only open pollinated seeds can be saved and grown into a useful veggie, hybrids do not reproduce reliable plants.

We talked a lot about using gardening teas, how to make them, the materials to use and why it's so good for your plants. I'm a natural gardener and love garden teas. Mary Ellen started some talk about the worm castings and we learned a lot from one another. Seems there are a million ways to process our organic left overs. Good going everyone!

The time to just take questions was great with so few of us. Lots of good conversation. Mary Ellen suggested a light on a chain to grow your seedlings under, just raise it to 4 inches above the plant as it grows taller. This will help the plants be sturdier and better for putting in your garden.

The food was fun and I'll put recipes on very soon. I make these spring rolls up as I go so need to think it out to type it out for use.

So this is a busy wonderful few weeks ahead. All those great things we can now plant.

I still have a box of tomato plants and two rhubarb.
Does anyone want these?

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