Thursday, October 28, 2010

I haven't given up on my garden have you?

I couldn't find homes for all the garlic.

I had so I went out in the sprinkles and planted what was left. What I wish is that the seed company would make a nice mixed package. I end up with more than I need and hate that I paid for it but long that I have a choice of garlic. I have three nice big bags I'm really enjoying eating. Next year I'll plant my own from the cloves I get this year. I have enough variety to do so.

This brings me to the thought that we could all save money
by sharing our seed buying.
I'd like to start a nice seed group.

Several of us are thinking about how to work this. The basic idea would be everyone decides what they will grow and how much seed/plant they need.
We hope you will trust us to help choose the best varieties to plant.
After we get the master list we would have each person buy a portion of the list and there would be a time to divide it all up.

I never use up a whole package of seed.
Do any of you? Maybe carrots and beets , but never broccoli, or Garlic! etc.
I welcome suggestions for how to organize this.

Now for the photos of what I picked while I was out planting garlic.
I will make soba soup with the chard and kale and herbs that remain.
Might be beans left.

I covered everything very tightly from the winds the last week and it's time to open things up so we don't get bugs hatching.
I want any bug life at rest when the freezes hit.
Crazy how you have to think a head but I do and it helps me have nice food to eat each year.

The funnest veggie I was able to grow this year was the rommanesco Broccoli. Sorry I didn't take a photo but it looks like a multi-pointed chartreuse alien!
Yummy and fun to grow.
Also the radicchio grew really well and I'm going to roast some with a recipe
I found online

This is my first year to grow Kohlrabi. I'm wondering how it will taste

This and two pumpkins are the only squash I got this year. These are giant size so they will make several meals. I miss the butternuts. We ate 4 Delicata and a fair bit of zucchini but it was not a good squash year.

The big gray ones are almost blue, the photo doesn't do it justice.

See my squashes heavy stems, this is what they do when I grow vertically, if you grow them on the ground they don't get such thick stems.  Amazing isn't it!

If you want to know what these squash or your own squash is look here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

plant Garlic and shallots

Did you get your garlic and Shallots? It's time to get them in the ground. With this warm and cold thing going on in the Northwest you might be wondering what to do......PLANT.....yes plant them so they get a nice foot hold on the ground before any bad weather. Then after they are up put a dressing around them of straw, leaves or what ever you have that will give them a bit of protection. Don't cover up the garlic just dress around it closely. It we get BIG snow like a couple of years ago I will add 6 or more inches around them again. Roses like this kind of protection also.

If you need to know how to plant garlic see the video on the side bar.

Happy cool weather gardening, Sat looks to be beautiful!