Wednesday, September 29, 2010

fine eating

This is a close up photo these really are tiny
That's a cherry tomato and that squash was only about 6 inches long.
Picked by sunset last night

This is the end of the summer growing season and I have a manta I say over and over....."Harvest each day"

Why? First off you get to eat really gourmet food, it's tiny, it's fresh, tender and yummy.

Second nature is going to take it all back very soon, with all our rain and the cold soon to be upon us the plants will slow down to barely grow.

So every day I'm picking those small green, yellow and purple beans, I'm watching the tomatoes and picking them when pink (they are splitting from too much water if left until ripe) I'm taking those zucchini at 6 inches etc.
I'm harvesting the top basil leaves that aren't spotted from all the rain,
and collecting the newest sprouts on my herbs
which will have to be tucked away soon.

If you don't know what size those veggies should have been for harvest check out this web site. If you were apart of our gardening group you have this handout. Once you know the harvest size reduce that and collect things at a gourmet size and cook gently and enjoy!

look at FS#26

You will do this kind of harvesting once again with the early spring foods.
It really does take a couple of years to see the circle of life and hop onto the Merry go round.


jamie said...

looks SO yummy. i'm getting excited to finally pull the parsnips up...

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

oh you must let us know what your parsnips end up like. Did you see the everyday food mag all on parships.