Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My 2nd year with Mel's mix and what to do

It was sure sunny today. An invitation to go out and garden.

I got my salad box ready to plant. It's a small amount of soil and not very deep. The winter salad roots were only 1" deep so it barely touched the soil that was there. Still I felt it needful to add a lot of compost. In mixing it with the mels mix of last year I ended up with more than I needed . Not surprising seeing that the plants took so little from the box. I will save that small left over bucket of mixed mel's mix and compost and use it in those new potato can's I'm starting.

What did you do in your garden? There are now several finished gardens in the group. Shawn was collecting materials so she'll join the finished garden group soon. I only have 4 more 4x4 boxes to mix compost in. I already did the other 3 4x4 box back in Feb.

What is the first thing you will plant?

See you all on friday we will cover a lot of material. Bring your notebooks all put together so we can look stuff up as we go.

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