Thursday, April 25, 2013

Getting you started on a new fruit tree

Now is the time!

Buy a couple of fruit trees and grow them
along a fence, a building, a wall. 
  It's not hard to do but MUST 
be started in a young tree.

It's not a big project
prepare the supports and 
Just do the follow up trimming and tying 
and you will have fruit in not too many years.

This is not a new way to grow fruit trees
In fact it is very old 
and these directions came out
a very old sunset book. 

Apples trees usually are trimmed with only 5 main branches
so this is a logical use for apples.  
Consider plum, and pears also, though
any fruit tree can be trained this way.

You need to buy your tree in it's first or early second year in order
to start with a pliable tree.

Start with a sturdy support, all ready to go.  
You will not want to be building around the training plant.

Yes this takes 5 to 10 years to get smoothly trained but so 
do the big trees!

So with a couple of fruit trees, a couple of blue berry
plants and a few pots of veggies you have an
instant start to gardening.

Blue berries need another bush that blooms when it does,
Early with Early
Mid season with Mid season
Late with Late season.
There can be some cross over of seasons with success.

Pears need another pear tree to produce.