Monday, May 10, 2010


My dear gardening friend starts tomatoes every year
and shares them with her friends.
This year there was a tray left over.
She said I could bring them to all of you.
They have been hardened off already but need outside protection.
Leave them in a covered area or plant and cover.

Call me and stop by for your tomato plant any time.

Isn't this fun! When Annie brings tomatoes to our luncheon at Dorothy's
I know it's garden gearing up time.

I have some of the following:

Gold nugget a small yellow cherry type  (bush)
Cherokee Purple a large very dark almost purple heirloom (vine)
Brandy Wine a slow grower but heavenly tasting heirloom (vine)
Italian plum possible open pollinated
There are some we just don't know as they came from a package of mixed tomatoes

I have two seed potatoes left over that could be cut into maybe 4

Hint for remembering which tomatoes are bush and which are vine is a determinate tomato has it's size determined, it grows only so big....IT IS A BUSH.    An indeterminate has no set size, it will grow and grow until something kills it.  IT IS A POLE grower.  

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Kevin said...

What variety are they?