Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let's plant square

Here is a list of how many of a vegetable can fit into each square.

With some knowledge of the plant & some careful thought & some testing on your square foot garden practice papers you can come up with some interesting plans.

Some times I mix vegetables within a square to get a better repeat planting or to grow greater variety (example: last fall I planted several squares with garlic around the edges of the square. In May I will add a basil to the center of the square. By the time the Basil is large I will be pulling the garlic out giving more room for the Basil to grow.)

This list will tell you how many of each veggie will fit into a square foot. Once your garden is full of soil it's fun to draw out how the plants will fit in the square with your finger. When it looks spaced evenly plant your seeds or plants! Have fun and wait until it starts to grow!

Small plants

16 radishes
16 carrots
16 onions less for storage onions
9 bush beans
9 spinach
9-16 beets
4 basil for small
9 garlic
8 peas
4 Swiss chard
4 lettuce
4 parsley*
16 Chives*
4 annual flowers

Large plants

1 cabbage
1 broccoli
1 cauliflower
1 pepper
1 eggplant
1 melon
1 Cilantro*
1 basil large
1 oregano*

Vertical Plants
1 tomato
2 cucumbers
8 pole beans
squash 1 per 2 squares
4 potato *

*there are better places to grow these. Potatoes in plastic trash cans or old tires, herbs in big pots around the warmest places in the yard. Put several herbs in each pot for variety.

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