Saturday, April 17, 2010

are you going to plant beans?

When you think of what you want in your garden plan for the plants that will give you the most and grow the best here in the northwest.

I've always thought that beans gave me so much to enjoy. If you haven't put a vertical wall on your garden (check mels' book on this) then you will need to plant Bush type of beans. They will grow in those round tomato cones. Remember the package will say BUSH. Pole beans produce a lot more, truly a lot more but they grow very tall and need a vertical to climb up. It doesn't take long at all to install a vertical. My husband is very good at it if you'd like some advice.

The Territorial seeds offer these bush types: Romano Gold-yellow and tasty, Renegade-deep green,
roman purpiat-purple cooks up a bright green, carson-yellow wax, Jade-long season, venture-blue lake type, Nash-high yield for bush, dragon tongue-multi use as snap etc., RomaII-flat white, Royal Burgundy-soft purple.

It helps to use an inoculant on your legumes. Beans fix nitrogen into your soil for healthy planting if there is a population of rhizobial bacteria in your soil. Incoulants are live rhizobial bacteria. It's just that simple.

One key thing to remember in box gardening is to place the taller plants so they DON'T block the sun to the rest of the plants. So if you do plant bush beans and put in the tomato baskets they are going to be taller than most of your garden. Write you plan on your paper with the boxes!

Is your mouth watering? Oo mine is. Beans go in the ground in late May.

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