Friday, April 16, 2010

Amazing so many gardens!

Well Gourmet Gardening Gals you have really been busy this week. So many of you have your boxes and you even filled them up. Next week we'll go help those still needing to mix their mels mix, if you want to come watch let me know and I'll call you.


be sure you have your box where you want it. You can move them but not this year! remove all weeds and if there is any question that weeds will join us collect a bunch of newspaper or cardboard to put on the bottom. Level your boxes by digging into the hill side etc to let the high end sit down in the dirt. Laura's husband did a great job on his so ask for advise or go look at her boxes.

Make sure for every 4X4 box you have one 4 cu feet of vermiculite (give or take), 2 cubic feet of compressed peat moss and 4 cu feet of 5 different kinds of composting materials. It's always good to pick up an extra bag of compost. You will use it and if you box is a little bigger it's better to toss it into the mix and fill that box up really well. If you have all that we can come put your soil in the box. I will bring the tarp and all the tools.

ASSIGNMENT: It was so good to see those square Foot books arrive so quickly now everyone read them! So many of your questions will be answered if you do. Half the book is sections on the veggies so you only have to read 1/2 a book! Before you plant read! If you pick up some plants or even have some of those seeds that we can plant in April I will show you how to do the first square if you like!

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