Saturday, October 1, 2011

it's getting colder

Do you feel it?  
It's getting colder.
Fall is here.
This is when you harvest smaller veggies with the idea
they won't grow much now that it is colder.

Tonight I took a stroll through the garden to collect dinner
The air was chill and there was a breeze, I could feel the excitement
of the seasons to come.
Here is what I collected on my garden walk
pretty red kale, purple carrots, white carrots
broccoli, purple, yellow and green green beans, chard with it's 
lovely deep pink stem, two fun onions.

Parsley, three kinds of thyme, oregano, rosemary,

 some perfectly sized yellow and green zucchini

And sweet peas for the table! 

one hour later.....vegetable soup....yummy 
No recipe needed!


jamie said...

you are an inspiration. someday i'll have a garden that produces like yours!!!

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

Well you are on your's a step at a time. You have made a lot of new changes, just wait and see what happens next year.

Hildred and Charles said...

Dear Fonnell, - I wrote a comment here the other day about your wonderful veggie soup and your gardening venture, but just as I finished it the online trolls came and snatched it away and I didn't have time to repeat it then. But here I am now to tell you how much I love visiting your blog and seeing how you are teaching others, as you taught me about so many things when we first met....
Fall has arrived here, - I still have a lot of garden to clean up and I haven't yet opened the door to the trailer where the Leclerc sits, with its warp only half done. I guess it will be o.k. until spring, but perhaps I will get the loom moved :) Or perhaps we could just move the whole trailer and park it out the back!!! I am going over to visit at your other blog to see if I can catch sight of any of your dear grandchildren, and Dorothy and other friends! Hi to Phil, - love to you.