Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Canning Canning Canning

I've been doing a lot of canning this week and want to give you this posting from the National Center for Home Food preservation.  It has the questions people often ask.

Here is there home page

Don't make the mistake of using old recipes, good as they may have been they can endanger your family and friends who eat what you can.  Tomatoes are hybrid to the point they have little acid in them at all and so must be treated like a veggie.  Sugar is for taste and so is salt, aspirin is a no no!...YOU CAN USE lite syrups to the point now anyone should be pleased.

 I like to start those who are beginning canners on fruits.  You can learn proper methods for preparing & water bath use.  It's hard to make a mistake and if a jar doesn't seal it is worry free to reseal unlike veggies where I use caution to excess.  

If you have questions call me I'm happy to help you out.  I read a sign at McClendons in Woodinville saying they will test your gauges on pressure canners...wise thing to do..

Well out to the garden to see if there are enough beets for spiced beets!  Salsa is done, hot peppers, pepper rings done, pears tomorrow and apples after that.  I'm holding off on the kale for a few more chilly nights.

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