Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lettuce and temperature

It doesn't take much heat to make a lot of things go to flower. 
Lettuce will get bitter if they don't get enough water.  

So with our heat wave coming this week....what you don't think
79-80 degrees is a heat wave?  
Well your northwestern plants

If you can't move your lettuce, as in salad table, to a shady spot.
The next best thing is to keep your soil wet
A couple times a day in the heavy heat.  
This should save your lettuce for tasty eating.  

Remember when watering if the sun will hit the leaves 
while they are wet, any plant, then it will burn the leaves and injure the plant. 
I water early in the morning and then in the afternoon 
when the trees shade everything. 
Evening watering invites the slugs to night time dinner 
so I avoid the evening.  
But if the plants need it DO IT.  
And water those 
potato cans to the bottom.  

REMEMBER to harvest daily for the best eating
And if you have miner bugs leaving white spots on your leaves.
Everyday cut off the offending leaves, bag them and toss in 
your garbage can.  You can control this infestation with diligence. 

Midas on rodent patrol! 
Good cat.

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