Saturday, August 20, 2011

Carrots are really fun

We planted several kinds of carrots this year. 

What's fun about carrots of different colors is you never know
what you will pull up for a meal. 
I went out last night and pulled two big beautiful carrots.  

They tasted wonderful. 
Can't wait to pull one of the purple carrots. 
If only I had more space I'd plant more carrots. 
They are hard to keep wet enough to sprout in this hot weather, but maybe in a few days I'll pop some more carrots seeds into some of the empty spaces.  

OK time for a carrot report.  Who has pulled carrots and what did you get?

White Satin and something I had left over from last years seeds

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Kevin said...

We harvested one "L" shaped purple carrot the other day (they hit the bottom of the box and since it's got a barrier, they just turn and keep growing sideways). :)

We've had a tough year with carrots this year. Low percentage of seeds planted sprouted, and the mega-army of slugs this year kept nipping off the seedlings as they came out of the ground. We still have a decent amount growing though.