Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonderful Garden Tours! Take a peek

Today was our monthly gardening meeting and we drove to 5 of our members houses to view their gardens.
I must say this was my favorite meeting. To see what everyone has done in such a short amount of time was such a joy! Here let me take you on a mini peek of the gardens we saw today.

This is Rebecca's box of hoped for strawberries. We are all sure next year the box will be full!

As you will see in the next two photo's Rebecca has really embraced the square foot idea of a lot of variety in your small space. It was amazing to see how many fun things are growing in her squares including corn.

It's funny once that thumb gets the green going it spreads all over, this lawn is what Rebecca is most proud of. Good going!


Shelley used her space very wisely by putting in a long square foot garden. Not only does it look great it uses space really great. Her garden is in a good spot, it has a wooden fence behind it which protects it from the North and the Southern warmth has a clear path.
Her garden was growing so great!
Nice job Shelley.

Look a ripe strawberry! wow

The spacing on this garden is the way French intensive gardening should go but if you find yourself with too many carrots, beets, etc. Take your scissors and reach in and snip out as many as it takes to space the carrots. I have some tiny Fiskars for this, works perfect and then the carrots will have space to become carrots. I leave the healthiest plants.
You did a wonderful job on your garden Shelley!


Welcome to Hyde Park...Yes Jana has named her garden beds what a delightful idea. As you look at her garden you should know how much work she and her husband have gone to. When you live deep in a forest it's not easy to claim some of that property for yourself. They have worked so hard and the gardens are amazing. I can't wait to see them full of plants.
Go for it Jana!

These are the pop bottle slug traps that we put on the blog earlier. While we talked about this other ideas came out. Right now our abundant amount of rain has us weary with the number of slugs in our gardens. Here are some of the ideas that were offered.

Put out orange peels the slugs gather to the peels and in the morning you remove the bundle (better do this early slug head for cool hidden places when it begins to warm)

Fill little jar lids with a mixture or water and yeast. It doesn't take much yeast and this will attract the slugs right to this tasty mixture instead of your plants. If your garden isn't covered you might fill your lids with rain pretty fast but this isn't normal weather right now.

Some bugs, earwigs and slugs hide inside the PVC pipes. It's wise to fill the end with the spray plastic foam. That way you eliminate another place for bugs to hide!


Now we are off to Jamie's garden.
She is an adventurous gardener and has put in Asparagus and even placed a deep pot for her parsnips. We were SHOCKED as the neighbor dog plowed through her plants
while we stood there. What a helpless feeling!

I suggest these tiny fences. just to make sure fast moving dogs go around. This won't keep out rabbits and deer but it might make kids and dogs go around.

As you can see they fold up very easy to store and you can add as many links as you need they come in boxes back in the gardening areas.

Jamie's garden is bordered by stone, it looks very decorative right along her driveway.
She hope the warm driveway will help the plants along. Good plan!

Here is the famous parsnips pot. Have you had parsnip fries? Yummy

It is amazing how much space this garden has for planting.
It's not always easy to tell until you start growing things

This clever frame lifts to let you get into your plants. Jamie will be covering it to keep
the wild rabbits out.


The last garden on our route was Laura's.
I am happy to have been a part of the beginnings of this garden as I gave the work for a square foot garden in a holiday gift exchange and Laura got it!

Laura's family loves flavor in their food and so she has such tasty herbs and plants growing.
I'd eat at her table! Yes good cooks know the magic in their gardens!

This is Laura's first year on this property and look what nice surprises are appearing!
It is also her first year to have a baby
and how neat they got that garden all planted amidst having their son!

With these two big garden boxes there will be some wonderful veggies I'm sure.


While we were holding our weekly "Get Started" meeting several of our Internet viewers started their gardens so enjoy an additional walk through my sisters garden. She is in the Southern area of California and so are several of our readers.
I don't think too much rain is their issue but I welcome their comments and photos.

I love that square foot gardening brings family all together. This is Georgia's grand daughter and grandpa making the box. I didn't even know they were following us along!

It's cooler in the evening there and it looks like they have finished mixing their soil
and are very happy to be done!

Wow it's a beauty.
My sister has knee problems and this nice high garden will be perfect for her!

We suggested she rotate off the brick wall to cool things down for the plants growing on the vertical and we had her raise her vertical up higher so her beans would have plenty of space.

She moved her squash into a tub, it looks like it's getting too much sun.
Can you believe any one could get too much sun? Not us!

They had a big surprise arrive during the garden building. One day in sweeps all these honey bees! what do you do with an instant hive?

After a bunch of phone calls Georgia found out NO ONE wants your bees. Maybe they are worried about the African bees coming up from South America, they have arrived in parts of Southern California. Let's hope they left as fast as they appeared!

Her tomatoes are ready for eating but it's not her doing it.
I remember paying Clint and Shannon when they were kids to pick these
monsters off the plants.

Wow these peppers look great!

I sent my sister some bean seeds I hope they do well for her.

Yes I've always thought warm climates just had too many bugs!
This is what happens after you see those darting white butterflies! This is why I put floating covers on my broccoli and cabbages and Choi's.


We'd love to see more on our next trip around.


Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Fonnell. I was unable to attend and this made me feel like I was there :)

Kevin and I were delighted to eat a fresh salad picked from our garden with 4 different lettuces for dinner tonight!

jamie said...

thanks for putting all these pictures together. it really was great to be able to tour other gardens and see what everyone else is doing and in general just learn from each other.

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Susan and I live in sacramento. I'm fairly new to gardening and came across your blog when I was searching for the square foot gardening tips. I learned a lot from your blog. the pictures in the gardening tour gave me pretty good ideas. I designed a garden using cinder blocks. I couldn't understand what can be used to build a hoop house for my cinder block sfg. the pitcure you shared here has the garden similar to mine could you please tell me what they used for the hoop houses to hold on (prevent from falling off from the cinder block). It will help tons of people who are starters like me (love gardening but never did one before :-))

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

Hi Susan,
So glad to hear about your garden. Do send some photos when you are all finished. The PVC pipe was put over some re-bar. That is a pipe that you can hammer way deep in the ground. Put it on the corners and buy PVC that will flex enough to cross from corner to corner.

I do hope everyone with cinder block gardens will plant stuff in the Holes of the blocks. Just think how lovely nasturtiums would be draping over the block, or fluffy carrot tops! Use every inch of space and grow those potatoes in plastic trash cans!

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

You can click on any photo in my blog and it will enlarge. This is great if you want to see something close up!