Friday, January 24, 2014

Thoughts about our gardening group

I am still growing my own food as much as possible. 

I am still learning tons about how 40 years of doing 
something changes it and you.

  The Gourmet Gardening Group
 has disbanded.

This seems to be a very in-active blog.


It's 2014 and there are now millions of blogs
I have no desire to compete 
I am just a grower of food with only the desire to keep 
doing that very thing.  

So what do you think...shall I keep this blog going?

I was in Harare, Zimbabwe In November/Dec.
It was once the bread basket of Africa.
There are many farmers in the population
but because of an unwise (I'm being careful)
leader there are no longer farms. 
 There are now little vegetable plots.  
They sell their product on the side of the road
or walk between cars
 (lots of broken lights
mean lots of time in traffic)
You can smell the peaches as they walk by your window
Yes we bought some!

I bring this up because food made a big impression on me
as I traveled around Africa.  

If you can't grow your own food and big companies take the rights
to your seeds and only momocrops are grown one day we could be
in just as serious a condition as those wonderful people of Zimbabwe.

And I'm now talking about the good ole U.S.A

Shouldn't we each know how to grow a little fresh food for ourselves?


Laura said...

Only accidentally found your blog today...AHH! Does "taking it down" mean all you have posted thus far disappears? I'm reading as fast as I can! Am enjoying what I've read. Appreciate your tips for rhubarb and asparagus. Agree wholeheartedly that seed should not be owned by any corporation. Seeds, by their very living nature, belong to the farmers working with them.
I hope I will be able to read more tomorrow. wildweeder

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

Thank you for your comments. I'm in no rush to remove this blog so enjoy it. It's people like you I write it for. Maybe spring will inspire more to write about!