Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April Sat class

Did you plant garlic and shallots last fall? 

 They should be looking really good at this point.  
It's time to do regular feedings until the summer heat when they will blub.
  The goal now is to let them make a nice big green stalk. 
 The goal during the warmth of summer is to let that big stem push for
a big garlic bulb. 

What do we feed when we want green growth?
 Remember from class? 
 It's nitrogen, you can side dress or do foliar feeding which they love. 
 Use our alfalfa pellet tea to spray on them every
10 to 14 days until the heat.

On April 28th we are holding a Beginners class.  
it's only going to be two hours long so I can only go over what you 
need to get a good start in the pacific Northwest.  

I need all my seasoned gardening friends to please tell those folks
newly moved-in from those hot climates or cold about the class.
Send me a note with their phone number and I'll contact them
cut off date is April 21st 

Here is the information:

Beginning gardening, focus on square foot 
Saturday April 28th promptly at 10-12 noon
There will be a fee for handouts, 
I'm thinking about $10. 
I only give out great handouts, honest!

What you can expect from the class:
How and why to set up a square foot garden
How to deal with Northwest climates
Where to put your garden and why
bugs you might see
What to plant, when to plant 
seeds or plants?
What is Hybrid, Heirloom, open pollinated etc
I'll answer all questions
A slide show of all the gardens that we have gotten started
Handouts you can use forever in your garden. 

Bring a 3 ring notebook to put them in, 
your Pacific Northwest garden notebook.
If you bring a 2" you are good if you bring a 3" then
You need to collect enough to fill it right?

At this point we only have 2 people in the class there is room for more!


Hildred and Charles said...

Hi Fonnell, - oh, I have given up growing veggies, but nice to see your instructions and encouragement. I haven't been able to get into your Grammie blogspot (latest post) but will keep trying. Happy spring to all of you....

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

The weather has been so unsettled it has been hard to grow the veggies however they taste so good I have to try.

I'm having problems getting into all my blogs on blogspot sorry you are also...Nothing new really. Busy with life not much time to write. I'll get a note off to you!