Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Okay it was 32 degrees this morning.

Cold weather!  I'm so glad it waited until November.
  What a treat not to have it happen in Oct. 
If you are holding out on harvesting kale and chard and parsnips etc.

They should be nice and sweet
and it will once again be freezing tonight
the stars are beautiful on a cold icy night.

Oh I brought all the herb pots into the porch
they spend the winter sitting near the dryer vent
Warmer than out in the garden.


Kevin said...

Our shallots are already growing and like 2" high - is that a good thing?

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

The point in planting in the fall here in the northwest is that our ground Usually don't freeze until jan/feb..which allows the garlic and shallots some time to put down root and a little green.

I protect them with some straw or leaves from the maple at this time of year. A couple inches of cover around them will protect them. If we get a horrible deep freeze (we didn't used to) for any length of time you'll want about 4 inches of ground cover to protect their roots.

They are very hardy. The only reason I've ever lost shallots or garlic has been drowning! So don't let them drown. he he

I love plants that are easy to grow. We went down to 23 degrees last week. YIKES.

Kevin said...