Friday, July 29, 2011

What is happening in my garden the end of July

 Wow the Nasturtium's went crazy while I was gone.

I've heard so little from you my fellow gardeners.
I hope you are enjoying this little bit of summer. 
I hope you are doing well with your gardens. 
Keep things picked, enjoy fresh stuff in your meals,
go out and see what is ripe and make that your dinner fixings. 

Last night we made Pioneer Women's simple sesame Noodles
I went through the garden and collected the small bits, 
onions, shallots, peas and spinach
and blanched them in the pasta water before the putting in the pasta.  
I did grate some carrots I had into the pasta water.  
It made a fast fresh tasty meal.  

You have to train yourself to cook from the garden first and the grocery store second.

What am I doing in my garden now that it's the end of July?

I've pulled about 10 squares of garlic, added compost (stir and serve)
and put in place of the garlic my fall broccoli, Pac choi and a couple of other choi's 
Kale and some red rainbow chard.  I think there was a cauliflower in there too.
I plan to cover this area with a floating cover to keep the white butterflies from laying 
their eggs on these their favorite plants. 

I'm harvesting berries and Rhubarb
blueberries are close.

Shallots need to be pulled and more and more garlic will be pulled.
These I shake off (keep that mel's mix in the garden)
and then lay them in boxes to dry a bit. 
Then I cut off the green leaves, the roots and find them a
dark cool place to be.  I don't eat them for a month or so. 
They develop better flavor with time. 
But do cook with some fresh if you like, it's mild and tasty. 

My neighbor stopped by and thought it smelled like a pizza house. 
All that garlic on the porch.

Are you planning your fall garden? 
plant more carrots, broccoli, kale, chard,
 herbs even, I'm replanting my parsley, it went to seed on
our two days of summer last week.
I think most of you have enough seed but if you need something
e-mail me and I'll put it in my church bag. 
Also I have some plant to share...chard, kale...choi's

 trout and the deep red romaine lettuce

Do keep planting lettuce, finally I have a good lettuce crop. 
That was tricky this year. 
I need to put some in for August and Sept eating.

Plan your space for fall garlic, I will order it very soon
 so if you'd let me know your needs, we plant it in early Oct. 

Remember you can eat your onions at any point but many of the 
onions in my garden have died back and are ready to harvest.
I'm going to try to get them out while it's dry and not raining,
if I can get them nice and dry they will store nicely.  
Other wise we just eat them!
Love those candy apple onions!  

All my potato cans are in bloom and that signals potato growth,
Keep them watered, keep the celery wet and 
soon we shall have good things
to eat!
It will be Sept before we eat large potatoes but 
you can collect some baby ones very soon.

Now lets hear a progress report...What is happening in your gardens.  
Jessica said she ate some chard
from hers.  
I know it's been a very slow year 
but I think that is behind us.
Things are growing!

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Kevin said...

We pulled all our garlic too and it is drying now. Our onions are almost ready. Our potato plants are huge - hope we get a lot of them this year. We keep harvesting rhubarb, lettuce, etc. Cherry tomatoes are still green. We'll harvest our first beans today or tomorrow.

Peas were done a couple weeks ago but we had a huge bumper crop this year. Thanks for all your help and tips!