Monday, March 28, 2011

Yikes! I saw this coming.....


I know I didn't mention all the many problems there are with bad purchased compost.  They are the thing of nightmares.  Well here it is our biggest nightmare.  

I read this in Mother Earth News April/May 2011

Killer Compost

that's the headline, YIKES

So the deal is herbicides usually have a half life in the soil
composting if done properly will loose the herbicides most in 6 month some in a year.

ENTER Aminopyralid herbicide, Milestone
Now being highly used and it doesn't brake down.  
Not fast enough for compost.  
Yet it is being sprayed on animal pastures, and hayfields.

Gardeners who get some of this in their purchased compost will see a slow death to their veggie plants.  Even just 10 parts per billion will kill your plants.


Well I am but read on........

Many states have been hit with this, Whatcom country had massive community gardens lost and several organic farms.  We can't even guess at the number of little family gardens who lost their veggies last year and thought it was the weather. 
The plants do die a very slow death. 

My biggest worry is this can stay in the soil of your garden, your home for far too long. We are talking years and years.  It is a threat to native plants also. This is no small thing.

Dow got everything approved in 2005.

We will be soon seeing more and more issues caused by these chemicals called Pyralids. The article lists all the names they are sold under. 

If you want this stopped you can contact the EPA below.  Express your concern and ask for them to take immediate action.  

Dan Kenny  EPA technical review branch
703-305-7546 or

Are you ready for a posting on doing your own compost now?   
When did life get so complex?   

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